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New Worlds Implementing SMS

 We are delighted to let you know that as of Monday 21st September 2015 New World will be communicating with all tenants using SMS. This will be another way for us to communicate with you.

By introducing this system we will be able to provide you with more current information such as;

  • When your repair request has been passed to a contractor, who the contractor is and when the work is scheduled for completion.
  • A reminder (the day before) that your requested work is scheduled to be carried out.
  • Your satisfaction of the repair when completed
  • Up to date balance on your rent account
  • Changes to your benefit entitlement
  • Payments received
  • Property Inspection date and time scheduled

We will also be able to communicate live with contractors directly from our systems to establish

  • The appointment time booked
  • Any missed appointments – whether this is due to the contractor or tenant.
  • If parts are required to complete the work requested and likely timescale.

In addition to these services you (as the tenant) will be able to text New World for several other things such as:

  • Desire to speak to your housing officer
  • Request for a Direct Debit form
  • Check your status on New Worlds transfer list

These are all just a sample of what we will be able to do via SMS messaging.

What you need to do now

We sent letters and two forms……..consent and a housing update which you need to complete, sign and return to New World. (If you require assistance in completing any of these forms please contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements). The household update will allow us to update our systems so we can ensure you are getting what you’re entitled. This also will provide us with your up to date contact details (emails included) to ensure we are texting the right person. You are allowed to provide two mobile numbers that we can text to. This is normally for joint tenancies.

The consent form is giving us the permission to speak, text or write to someone whom you have selected telling them sensitive information about you. This could be information about your rent account or any other personal matters. This can be someone you have always allocated to deal with your affairs like your son, daughter or carer who lives within your household. If they do not live with you but act as your appointee, please can you ensure they sign the consent form ensuring their address details are also completed.

This is an exciting times for New Worlds as we feel we will be able to reach a lot more tenants using SMS. We also value tenants privacy and lifestyles therefore we understand the need to communicate in various ways is essential. It is our hope that this added method of communication will enhance the good relation we currently have with our tenants and look forward to hearing your feedback in due.


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New World Housing Association
8 Grange Mills, Weir Road, Balham, London SW12 0NE
Tel: 020 8675 0320
Fax: 020 8675 9388

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